What's your climate story?

What's your climate story?


We wanted to reach out and reintroduce ourselves!

In hopes of inspiring you to take action in the fight for the livelihood of our planet, we're highlighting the Journey of Climate People by telling our founder's story.

Meet our founder, Brendan!

At Climate People, our mission is to encourage job seekers to view the climate crisis as a problem while simultaneously seeing their career transition as part of the solution. Brendan did just that — after diving headfirst in the depths of the climate crisis, he realized that his personal choices would never be enough. He founded Climate People in hopes of creating a greater movement that lessens the effect of climate change through mobilizing professionals to work on climate solutions!

Brendan's Journey:

  • 20-year career as a tech recruiter

  • Began to think critically about the inherent effects of climate change

  • Put solar panels on home

  • Read the book "Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think" by Peter H. Diamandis

  • Started to question the disconnect between his professional career and sustainability passion

  • Decided to make an IMPACT

  • Dove headfirst into the ever-evolving field of ClimateTech

  • Created Climate People

We want to get to know you...

What's Your Climate Story?

We believe that a big part of inspiring environmental action is meeting people where they are. We want to hear your story!