WEBINAR: How to Get a Job in Climate - Recap

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What a stellar event! A huge shoutout to our incredible panelists — Peyman, Nathan, Megan, and Kira — the 390 of you who registered, and the 175 of you who were there live. We truly couldn't have done it without all of you.

Resources We Recommend:

Barriers Survey
The Q&As we didn't have time to answer live
Climate People's Job Board
Presentation Slide Deck
➵ One of our participants, Abby Phenix, took some incredible in-depth notes and takeaways from the webinar. View them here.

Resources Mentioned in the Webinar:

We Asked Every Panelist for One Final Token of Advice for Job Seekers:

➵ "Something that comes to mind is really immersing yourself, not only in the content that is out there (communities, podcasts, books, slack groups), but also immersing yourself in the industry and understanding all the company names that will keep showing up in your search because this is such a wide and growing space. For me, it was really helpful to spend a lot of time researching and being able to familiarize myself with what is out there. When it came to recruiting and getting closer to an offer, I was able to have the confidence to know what I was looking for."
- Megan Park
➵ "I would add to all Megan said by saying 'just apply to the jobs.' Just try, have the conversations, learn from them, and try again. Otherwise, you won't get anywhere. Trying is the first step."
-Kira Mulshine
➵ "I will second all of this. I think I've come to realize you don't have to have a perfect grasp, you just have to start doing. When you do this, it will always lead to something."
-Peyman Mortazavi
➵ "Do what brings you joy and figure out how you can help other people. Don't focus on you, figure out how you are going to help the climate, how you are going to help the organization, and how you are going to move it all forward."
-Nathan Wasserman