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Driven By Impact: How To Get Recruited on LinkedIn!

Your weekly recap + trending climate jobs

Driven By Impact 🌱

Edition 50: April 4, 2024

Climate Career Week: How To Get Recruited on LinkedIn

​​​Last week as part of Climate Career Week, we hosted an hour-long workshop on LinkedIn best practices!

Natalie Lavery from Climate People and Career Coach, Radhika Bhatt covered:

  • Tips for optimizing your LinkedIn to have hiring managers/recruiters reach out to you.

  • Networking advice that will allow you to access ‘the hidden job market’, i.e. - how to land a job that is never posted.

  • A look into how AI negatively impacts the hiring manager’s experience and why making your application stand out is more important than ever.

🌎 WHAT: Sales Professionals Ask Me Anything Session w/ Laurel Yaros
🗓️ WHEN: 4/9 @ 12 pm EST
📍WHERE: https://lu.ma/SalesAMA
👤 WHO: Job Seekers

🌎 WHAT: MCJ + Climate People: Climate Career Advancement, Experts Corner
🗓️ WHEN: 4/10 @ 12 pm EST
📍WHERE: https://lu.ma/ClimateCareerApril
👤 WHO: Job Seekers

🌎 WHAT: Climate Job Seeker LinkedIn Live
🗓️ WHEN: 4/11 @ 3 pm EST
📍WHERE: https://bit.ly/LinkedInLive-4-11
👤 WHO: Job Seekers

🌎 WHAT: Breaking into Climate Monthly Webinar
🗓️ WHEN: 4/16 @ 12 pm EST
📍WHERE: https://lu.ma/ClimateCareerApril
👤 WHO: Job Seekers

→ Last week was #ClimateCareerWeek hosted by Climate People, Terra.do, Work on Climate, Crowdsolve, Green Jobs Board, and Climate Draft. Collectively, we hosted over 25 events for climate job seekers. Check out the recordings here.

→ Brendan spoke to MIT Climate and Clean Energy Prize about best practices for early-stage hiring. He shared advice on hiring philosophy, core values, interviewing, and more.

→ Missed last week’s edition? It was a jam-packed one! Check it out here.

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→ Last week, Brendan and Natalie went live to answer all your climate career week questions. We talked about the hidden job market, the influx in applications, and how you can best stand out. Watch the recording!

→ Climate Career Week was the busiest week of the year for climate job seekers. Here’s a recap + all of Climate People’s events. 


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That's all for this edition! Thanks for doing your part in mobilizing a workforce transition to work on climate!