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Driven By Impact: Climate Career Week is next week!

Your weekly recap + a look at climate funding in 2023

Driven By Impact 🌱

Edition 48: March 21, 2024

Next Week is Climate Career Week!

Join Climate People, Terra.do, Climate Draft, Work on Climate, CrowdSolve, and Green Jobs Board for 5 days of free virtual events with leading climate founders, investors, and experts for those interested in exploring career opportunities in climate.

Browse all the events here and register for the ones you’re interested in attending!

🌎 WHAT: Climate Transitions Workshop: Transferable Skills
🗓️ WHEN: 3/22 @ 12 pm EST
📍WHERE: https://lu.ma/ClimateCareerTransition
👤 WHO: Job Seekers

🌎 WHAT: Playing Through Your Career Change: Networking Advice with Laurie McGinley
🗓️ WHEN: 3/26 @ 12 pm EST
📍WHERE: https://lu.ma/climatenetworking101
👤 WHO: Job Seekers + Hiring Managers

🌎 WHAT: How to Get a Job in Climate Workshop
🗓️ WHEN: 3/26 @ 1 pm EST
📍WHERE: https://lu.ma/ClimateJobTips
👤 WHO: Job Seekers

🌎 WHAT: Climate Career Coach Panel
🗓️ WHEN: 3/27 @ 5 pm EST
📍WHERE: https://lu.ma/careercoachpanel
👤 WHO: Job Seekers

🌎 WHAT: How to Get Recruited on LinkedIn
🗓️ WHEN: 3/28 @ 1 pm EST
📍WHERE: https://lu.ma/getrecruited
👤 WHO: Job Seekers

🌎 WHAT: Weekly LinkedIn Live Q&A
🗓️ WHEN: 3/28 @ 3 pm EST
📍WHERE: https://bit.ly/LILMarch28
👤 WHO: Job Seekers

→ We recently launched our end-of-year report for 2023. See what we were up to last year!

→ Last week, we hosted a webinar on a funding recap of 2023 and some job market projections for 2024. Check it out!

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**We do not accept sponsors for this newsletter. All of these external promos are our genuine recommendations 💚**

→ Our friends at Career Sprout put together a comprehensive how-to guide to master the “Feel Good Job Search.” It’s incredibly comprehensive and guaranteed to help your job search. Check it out!

→ Earlier this week, we hosted Claudia Geratz for an intimate workshop on “Navigating Climate Emotions.” She walked us through climate anxiety and offered practical tips for coping and turning your stress into action.

→ Our friends at ClimateTechList put together a comprehensive report on climate tech hiring trends from October 2023 to March 2024. Check it out!

→ Is there a path forward for ‘sustainable’ beef? Project Dradown doesn’t think so.


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Food waste is a worldwide problem, with one-third of all food meant for human consumption being lost or wasted annually, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). In the US alone, 38% of all food is discarded each year. This not only wastes energy, resources, and money invested in food production but also exacerbates greenhouse gas emissions. Approximately 8% of global emissions are due to discarded food.

Several technologies and solutions have been developed to address this issue. These include food tracking and traceability technologies like barcoding and RFID, predictive analytics, mobile apps for surplus food purchase and donation, precision agriculture technologies, surplus food redistribution platforms, and educational tools. These technologies not only reduce food waste but also contribute significantly to sustainability by reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with food production and waste. They also foster economic efficiency by maximizing resource utilization and reducing costs associated with overproduction and waste management. Companies leading these efforts include Too Good To Go, Spoiler Alert, Afresh, Flashfood, Misfits Market, Full Harvest, Shelf Engine, Phood, and Hazel Technologies.

➵ Opportunity to join a global mission-driven consulting firm dedicated to combating climate change and fostering green economies. As the Project Coordinator, you will play a pivotal role in managing sustainability projects, conducting impactful research, and providing vital administrative support. Your responsibilities encompass project coordination, qualitative research on sustainability topics, client communication, marketing support, and office administration. Ideal candidates hold a Master’s Degree in relevant fields, possess 1-2 years of experience, demonstrate proficiency in MS Office Suite, exhibit strong attention to detail, project management skills, and excel in multitasking and meeting deadlines. Foreign language skills and a passion for public policy are highly valued.

This job opportunity is with a fully remote and profitable climate tech startup that has developed a software platform to assist renewable energy developers. They are seeking a Full-Stack Engineer who will lead new product work, interact with users, ideate on features, give feedback on designs, and build out those features. This role will involve working directly with the CTO on scoping new features and engineering plans and launching new features and markets in the US. The ideal candidate is a product-minded engineer with 2+ years of experience, proficient in React, TypeScript and Python, and with a history of continuous learning and operating in ambiguity. Experience in the utility industry or projects supporting electric transmission, distribution, and substation design is a plus.

Our client is seeking three Lead Grant Writers to join their mission-driven team, focusing on securing large-scale grant funding for climate solutions. This role requires 5+ years of experience in grant writing or proposal development, a proven track record of winning large federal grants, and scientific/technical knowledge in areas such as energy systems, material science, and biotech solutions. The successful candidates will work closely with clients to refine projects, collaborate with senior staff, and support multiple high-quality proposals simultaneously, playing a key role in addressing climate change.

Our client is seeking a Transmission Planning Engineer to join their profitable and fully remote climate tech startup. The role involves collaborating with other engineers and founders to develop products that facilitate the successful implementation of renewable energy projects. Key responsibilities include codifying knowledge, leading the implementation of study methodologies, becoming a subject matter expert in various regions, and contributing to the full product life cycle. The ideal candidate should have at least 3 years of experience as a Transmission Planning Engineer, familiarity with generation interconnection-related studies, hands-on experience with relevant tools, and a strong interest in learning software engineering, particularly Python.

That's all for this edition! Thanks for doing your part in mobilizing a workforce transition to work on climate!