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Edition 51: April 11, 2024

Climate Career Week: Building Your Personal Brand

​​​The other week, as part of Climate Career Week, we hosted an hour-long workshop on “Building Your Personal Brand” with Sharmila Singh, the founder of Green Lens Consulting. 

​Your Personal Brand is your unique story. It speaks to the combination of skills, experience, and personality you want the world to see in YOU. In this webinar session, Sharmila helps you craft an effective and authentic personal brand statement that speaks to your interests and work in the climate space. You will come away with a statement you can use in your resume, LinkedIn profile and as a “personal pitch” while networking.

🌎 WHAT: Breaking into Climate Monthly Webinar
🗓️ WHEN: 4/16 @ 12 pm EST
👤 WHO: Job Seekers

🌎 WHAT: Climate Job Seeker LinkedIn Live
🗓️ WHEN: 4/11 @ 3 pm EST
👤 WHO: Job Seekers

🌎 WHAT: Climate Networking 101 Session 4 with Laurie McGinley
🗓️ WHEN: 4/23 @ 12 pm EST
👤 WHO: Job Seekers

→ Last week, Brendan and Natalie went live to answer all your climate career week questions. We talked about some reverse psychology and how you can think about your job search from a hiring manager’s perspective. Watch the recording! 

→ Missed last week’s edition? It was a jam-packed one! Check it out here.

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→ Laurel Yaros, Account Executive at Rubicon, joined us for a sales-focused AMA session earlier this week. Check out the recording to learn what sales roles look like in climate!

→ Yesterday, we co-hosted our monthly Climate Career Accelerator Meetup with MCJ Collective. We had four different career experts from College to Climate, Climate People, Daversa Partners, and Above and Beyond Recruitment to answer questions and give guidance. Register for May’s session on interviewing!

→ Our friends at Regernous are hosting a free workshop on personal sustainability! Register for the event here. 


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The pressing issue of food waste, with a staggering one-third of the world's food supply (1.3 billion tons annually) being wasted, has driven the demand for innovative solutions to ensure food sustainability and environmental preservation. Among these innovations, natural edible coatings stand out as a revolutionary approach to extending the shelf life of produce, thereby reducing the volume of food that ends up in landfills. These coatings, which are enriched with composite materials and natural additives, not only enhance the quality and safety of food but also demonstrate the potential to significantly alter the landscape of food storage.

In response to this challenge, companies like Apeel, Mori, Hazel Technologies, It’s Fresh, SoFresh, and SuSea have emerged as pioneers, each offering unique technological innovations designed to protect perishable items from spoilage.

A global consultancy focused on securing large-scale grant funding for high-impact climate solutions is expanding its team with a Director of Grant Management position. This role is ideal for individuals with over 5 years of experience in federal grant management, particularly those who have managed large grants ($100M+) and possess strong project and multi-stakeholder management skills. The successful candidate will be mission-driven, with a keen understanding of the urgency in addressing climate change, and will play a pivotal role in developing ambitious ventures within an under-resourced sector of the climate industry.

A mission-driven climate adaptation company is looking to hire a foundational team member for the pioneering role of a Machine Learning (ML) Engineer. This role involves taking ownership of developing and implementing ML models and working closely with Climate and AI scientists to translate research into scalable solutions. The ideal candidate will have 1-3 years of experience in ML engineering, expertise in Python, and a solid understanding of machine learning principles and algorithms. Preferred qualifications include experience with spatiotemporal data analysis and familiarity with geospatial data processing tools. This position offers the opportunity to tackle complex problems, continuously expand machine learning and climate science knowledge, and contribute significantly to the company's mission of building resilience against climate change.

➵ This job opportunity is with a fully remote and profitable climate tech startup that has developed a software platform to assist renewable energy developers. They are seeking a Full-Stack Engineer who will lead new product work, interact with users, ideate on features, give feedback on designs, and build out those features. This role will involve working directly with the CTO on scoping new features and engineering plans and launching new features and markets in the US. The ideal candidate is a product-minded engineer with 2+ years of experience, proficient in React, TypeScript and Python, and with a history of continuous learning and operating in ambiguity. Experience in the utility industry or projects supporting electric transmission, distribution, and substation design is a plus.

➵ Our client is seeking an experienced interconnection/transmission planning engineer to join their mission of accelerating the transition to a reliable, decarbonized grid. The ideal candidate will have 4+ years of experience in ISO/RTO/utility interconnection processes, be adept at running power flow studies, and be familiar with public data sources relevant to interconnection. This role involves informing software developers of regional interconnection study processes, collaborating with customers to demonstrate software solutions, and defining product requirements to support the company's roadmap. Expertise in Python scripting and other transmission planning studies is a plus, and a degree in EE/ECE is preferred. If you're passionate about solving critical infrastructure challenges, this role offers the opportunity to make a significant impact on tackling the interconnection bottleneck for grid operators and project developers.

Our client is seeking three Lead Grant Writers to join their mission-driven team, focusing on securing large-scale grant funding for climate solutions. This role requires 5+ years of experience in grant writing or proposal development, a proven track record of winning large federal grants, and scientific/technical knowledge in areas such as energy systems, material science, and biotech solutions. The successful candidates will work closely with clients to refine projects, collaborate with senior staff, and support multiple high-quality proposals simultaneously, playing a key role in addressing climate change.

That's all for this edition! Thanks for doing your part in mobilizing a workforce transition to work on climate!