Barriers Survey Results

The results you've been waiting for 🤩

THE RESULTS ARE IN. believes that we need 100 million people working on Climate Solutions by 2030 to address the demands of the climate crisis.🌎 9 out of 10 surveyed people have considered taking a climate job.🌎 72% of respondents see the direct role climate jobs can play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.🌎 77.3% of surveyed individuals say climate jobs give them hope for the future. So why aren’t we seeing more people transitioning their careers The survey debunks three common climate job myths:

🌱 Climate experience is required.

The #1 thing holding candidates back is themselves. 51% of candidates are disqualifying themselves because they don’t have climate experience. Responses show a disconnect between how people view others' roles and how they view their individual place in the industry.

🌱 You can only find qualified candidates through climate-specific channels.

83% of respondents without climate jobs are still using LinkedIn to find a climate job. 

People who are not already in the climate community are rarely using climate-specific resources to find jobs.

🌱 Climate impact is enough of an incentive for job seekers.

Money, remote work, and hour flexibility outperformed industry, job security, and type of work. Candidates care about mission/value alignment, but they prioritize real-world factors.

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